Video Gemba Walk to See Visual Tools in the Emergency Room of Hospital Municipal, Brazil

VIDEO GEMBA WALK – Last week PL went to Brazil. We joined a doctor at the gemba in one of the hospitals we visited and asked her to show us their visual management system in the ER.

Back in June, Planet Lean shared the story of how Hospital Municipal Dr José de Carvalho Florence introduced lean thinking to improve its busy Emergency Room. (You can find the article here.) In this video, the ER Coordinator shows us the clever visual management system deployed in the ER, explaining how important a catalyst it is to the organisation’s lean transformation:

Video Interview with a Value Stream Manager in Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (Brazil)

Too many organizations still have a vertical structure based on silos and functions. Lean thinking calls for a dramatic change in the way the work takes place, based on value streams. At IOV, a cancer treatment center located in São José dos Campos, that’s exactly what we did.

In the below interview, I explain what the change meant to me and my colleagues, how it made our jobs easier and how it dramatically improved outcomes for patients.

Teaching Lean to Secure the Future of Singapore Healthcare

FEATURE – After Singapore Institute of Technology staff was introduced to lean thinking, a course was launched to provide healthcare workers with the lean skills they need to transform their organizations.

In 2000, the World Health Organization ranked Singapore’s healthcare system as number 6 in the world. In 2014, Bloomberg deemed it the most efficient in the world; the following year, it said Singapore is the healthiest country in the world. Indeed, our country is widely recognized to have a good healthcare system that provides high-quality care to its citizens.